What is My RV Worth?


nada-blue-book-rv-valuesAccurately answering the question “What is My RV Worth?” takes more time than punching in your model’s specs on NADAguides.com. I chuckle just a little when I have tried to buy a used RV in the past and the description says “xxx below NADA value!”.

NADA value means jack squat.

What matters is what your RV is selling for with the competition. If your RV is up for consignment at a dealer, your competition is other dealers. If you are selling your vehicle yourself, your competition is other individuals.

For this post, we will assume you are selling against other individuals.

rv-trader-how-sell-rvSo where do you check on your competition?
The first place to check with the most competition is rvtrader.com. You can set filters for your Make, Model, and Year for your RV. I would set the initial price search Nationwide, but narrow it as I get closer to my exact RV competitors.

While researching, keep in mind the condition of the competition, the features/upgrades, the location, and of course the price.

Condition and the presentation of that condition is a huge deal. If the other RVs look run down or the picture quality is poor, you can likely sell your RV for a bit more.

Features/Upgrades like the age of the tires, king bed, leather furniture, etc, can make a big difference. If your RV has new tires and the mack-daddy package but others don’t use that as a selling point and your price can be a bit more.

Location can also make a difference. If the only other people selling your model RV are 2,000 miles away, you can likely bump up your price a bit. You still want to keep it reasonable though because people will hop to another model before they pay way over what something is worth.

Price is of course the main factor. If you can find 3 or 4 models sold by individuals like yours on RVTrader, it can be pretty simple to find out what your RV is worth. If you don’t see enough RVs sold by individuals, expand your search for dealers, but know that their price is probably going to be somewhere around 10% or so above where yours needs to be.

rv-search-tempestOnce you’ve checked RVTrader.com, I would also check craigslist.org. A great place to do a Craigslist search is searchtempest.com. With Search Tempest, you can do a nationwide search in just a couple of minutes.

Oh, and if you have an Airstream, you may also want to check out airstreamclassifieds.com.

Whether you are searching searchtempest.com, airstreamclassifieds.com or any other online selling spot, as long as you watch out for the same criteria above of condition, features/upgrades, location, and price you should walk away with a great answer to the question of “How much is my RV worth?”

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