List Flat Tow Vehicles for Your Motorhome


After making the mistake of buying a vehicle that can’t be flat towed, I wanted to create a page that will list flat tow vehicles to help others avoid the same “stupid tax”. It will be updated over time if I find better sources, so if you have suggestions, feel free to contact me or leave a comment for this article.

If you don’t see your vehicle on any of the following lists, but your vehicle is either

  • A Front wheel drive manual transmission
  • Four wheel drive with a manual transmission, manual transfer case, and manual lock out hubs

it can likely be towed safely 4 down.

However, you will still want to check your owner’s manual and/or your manufacturer to make sure it will be safe. The biggest risk with towing 4 down on a vehicle that is not meant to be towed that way is burning up the transmission.

If you find out your vehicle cannot be towed 4 down as it is, all is not lost. Remco makes two aftermarket options to get your vehicle on the road

If you go with one of the two, I would go with the driveshaft disconnect. It is not perfect (it requires greasing it up a few times a year), but it is a much more reliable solution in the long run.

A list of flat tow vehicles can be seen at Remco. Remco’s website has a searchable database that will tell you whether or not your vehicle is towable as-is, needs a lube pump, or if you need a dolly/trailer.

**It’s always a good idea to double check the vehicle’s manual even if the Remco website says it can be towed.**

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