How Much Does It Cost to Rent an RV?

If you are thinking about putting some serious money into an RV, asking your self how much it costs to rent an RV is a great question. My wife and I looked into renting RVs before we bought our first RV. Because the RV we were buying was less than 15k and we had spent months staying with other people and looking at RVs, we opted to not spend up to 1k on a vacation renting one.

If you are spending 10k or less on an RV, renting might cost more than its worth. If you are spending 10s of thousands of dollars and have zero experience staying in an RV, renting one could be a great idea.

Where Can I Rent a Variety of RVs?

If you want to get a feel for living in a particular RV without driving it around, Air BnB is a great place to start. Air BnB is also great choice if you have a particular layout you are wanting to give a test run. Whether you are looking into an Airstream, a fifth Wheel, or a large motorhome, if you are willing to look into different areas of the country, you can find all three at Air BnB.

Here’s a link showing Air BnB rentals all across the US.

Prices for rentals range from $45 a night in an Airstream
renting an rv

to $400/night for a Land Yacht Motorhome that could be driven around if you wanted to.
How Much Does It Cost to Rent an RV

Prices of course will also vary based on the area, time of year, and special appeal for the RV being rented, but if you want variety, AirBnB is the place to start.

Where Can I Rent an Small RV to Explore an Area

If you are

1. Flying into an area and just want to drive around and explore it while staying in an easy-to-drive RV or
2. Want to test a Class C or
3. Want a Class C to drive to a one-way or round-trip destination

Cruise America is worth a look. They have locations all across the US. You can rent different size class Cs that can sleep anywhere from 3 to 8 people.

Want to see how a Class C handles on the interstates and side roads for a long trip? Cruise America would be a good choice.

Want to see whether or not you and your spouse/kids would kill each other living in an RV for a long time? Cruise America again would be a good way to do it.

Prices will vary based on how long you are renting, where you are renting from, and the time of year. I did a test run from Nashville, Tn for 3 weeks in the fall with their 30′ model for 5 people and the price came out to $175/day taxes and all. Not a crazy expensive price, but it will easily add up to thousands of dollars spread out over a few weeks. Also, these Class Cs have zero pop outs so if you are trying one of these out before you buy a Class C that does have pop outs, there is a huge difference.

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