RV Trippin - Nathan MossI’m your average non-mechanical guy who wanted his family to create life experiences through RVing. The thought of buying and RV, driving an RV, and maintaining an RV honestly freaked me out a little. Overwhelming to say the least.

During a 12 month span between 2014 and 2015, I owned a travel trailer, 5th Wheel, and a motorhome. I sold the maximum number of vehicles that could be sold in a year in our state (five) while swapping between the RVs and the vehicles needed to tow them. Thankfully, I made money on each sale.

Although I don’t consider it a smart move to buy all three RVs in such a short span, I can hopefully help others navigate the turbulent waters of making an RV purchase. And by navigate, I mean show you pictures of me running smack dab into giant waves of stupidity again and again. This blog could honestly be a as much of a guide for what not to do as anything else.

We still own our motorhome and are loving living full time in a RV. It was a crazy journey to get to this point, but a journey that was well worth it. Whether you view this blog as going RV Trippin’, RV Trippin’ with mistake after mistake, or RV Trippin’ because the RV process freaks you out, I feel ya’. Let’s do this thing.