6 Reasons RV Living Full Time is Awesome


After living in a house my whole life, the thought of rv living full time initially freaked me out a bit. If it was just myself, I don’t think it would have been quite so stressful, but knowing it would include my wife and my 1 year old opened the floodgates of worry in my mind.

I’ll be honest. Some of those fears have been justified. Not everything has gone to play (and I know it never will). I will share some of those struggles in a later post. However, the reasons I will mention below have made every minute of our RV life worth it. We’ve only been in an RV 5 months, but I can already say my family loves it and our hope is to continue this lifestyle for as long as we can.

So why take the leap to RV living full time? Here are a some reasons it has been worth it for us:

Lower Bills

With our house, we paid a mortgage, home insurance, maintenance expenses, taxes on the house, land taxes, gas bills, electric bills, water bills, and sewer bills. All those bills added up to $1200-$1500 a month. With our RV, we usually pay one bill: lodging at an campsite.

Ok, so it’s not quite that simple, but its definitely cheaper. With our RV we also have maintenance costs, tires, fuel, and we probably spend a bit more eating out because we like to enjoy the local restaurants. However, our bills are a far cry from $1200-1500 a month. On average they are about half of that.

New Memories

This is the main reason we starting RVing. Memories. I can still remember sitting on our couch in our old house trying to decide whether or not we should sell our house and go for it with our RV life. We asked ourself the question: “If we don’t pursue our RV dream, will we look back in 10, 15, 20 years and regret it?” Without hesitation, we both knew the answer. We called the realtor the next day.

Ask yourself this question. If you don’t go for your dreams, will you regret it?

We are still working our way out west, but my wife has a love for beaches so we have probably visited 25 different beaches in the south east including Key West. There is no way we would ever make the memories we have made at beaches, zoos, theme parks, and state parks without the our RV.

Visit Family

My wife’s grandmother lives in southern Florida more than 12 hours away from our hometown. She misses her and talks about her frequently. I also have family in southern Florida. Without an RV, making the visit to Florida would be a rarity. With an RV it has been crazy simple to make an exciting trip out of it and enjoy the incredible Florida weather in the meantime.

If you have family out of state, swinging by their location while RVing is nowhere the task of packing up and flying or driving there. We love family and it has been hard to be away from family in our hometown, but these visits have made up for a lot of that.

Simple House Cleanup

Cleaning our old house took hours. Clean the living room, kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, and on and on and on. Cleaning the RV? 30 minutes. Tops. As long as you put everything back in its place as you go (which is a necessity in an RV), keeping an RV clean is 10 times easier than keeping a house clean.

Sense of Accomplishment and Adventure

When we first talked about living in an RV the excuses began to quickly flow out. How could we afford it? How would our 1 year old sleep, play, and react? What if things go wrong with the RV while on the road? How will we make money? What will people think about us?

Thankfully, we pushed all those aside and have gone for it. Since going for it, there has been a great sense of accomplishment and adventure. What we once saw as the required 9 to 5 grind, now looks like more of a choice.

Selling almost everything we owned and living on less has opened our eyes to what we can accomplish in life if we are not tied down to our stuff.


Last, but not least, is flexibility. Weather too cold? Go somewhere warm. Getting bored with where you are at? Head somewhere new. Annoying neighbors? See ya later!

We are loving the flexibility of living in an RV. The ability to get up and go is something we have never experienced before.

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