Want to Know How to Buy an RV?

Buying an RV can be overwhelming. Do I buy used or new? Do I finance my RV or try to pay cash? What RV do I need to buy? A travel trailer? 5th Wheel? Motorhome? What layout? Arggghhhhh! 

Tons of questions. I've been there. Actually, I've been there three times in one year. I went through the stress of buying and selling a travel trailer, 5th wheel, and motorhome (we still have the motorhome) all in one year.

I want to walk with you on this journey of an RV purchase.

Have questions about what to buy? Ask away.

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Learning how to buy an RV doesn't have to be a stressful experience. Let's do this together.

The Best RV Mattress for a Great Night’s Sleep


https://youtu.be/TWmFmkJHw5s We’ve slept on 6 different RV mattresses (and 2 pillow top mattress in our home) over the last couple of years, but our latest mattress is by far the best RV mattress we’ve ever owned. Don’t skimp on your mattress. Few things are more important than sleep. We’ve used 2 different mattresses with the custom…

How to Tow a Car Behind an RV – Dinghy Towing


Learning how to tow a car behind an RV can be a bit overwhelming. There are multiple ways to tow and once you figure out which way you want to tow, there are still pieces of the puzzle to put together. However, once you figure out the initial setup, bringing your favorite vehicle along with you takes…

List Flat Tow Vehicles for Your Motorhome


After making the mistake of buying a vehicle that can’t be flat towed, I wanted to create a page that will list flat tow vehicles to help others avoid the same “stupid tax”. It will be updated over time if I find better sources, so if you have suggestions, feel free to contact me or leave…

The Wrong Motorhome Tow Car Dilemma


I can still remember the pit in my stomach as I sat in my RV and looked at the screen on my laptop. Transfer case? My Jeep doesn’t even have one of those….oh crap. One month earlier we had bought my wife’s dream car of a 4-door Jeep Wrangler to be pulled behind our RV.…

What is My RV Worth?


Accurately answering the question “What is My RV Worth?” takes more time than punching in your model’s specs on NADAguides.com. I chuckle just a little when I have tried to buy a used RV in the past and the description says “xxx below NADA value!”. NADA value means jack squat. What matters is what your RV…